Pimp My Jazz:
A dance track written by my good friend John Overend. He let me loose on this one!!  

Last Plane: Written/recorded in 2001. This is a soprano tune in the smooth jazz genre. Inspired by Steve Cole.  

Simply Simpo: Written/recorded in 2001. This is predominantly a tenor track but has a soprano/guitar trade in the middle section.  

Blue Sky Highway: Written/recorded in 2001. This is a melody that came to me whilst working in the studio ........on a hot summers day ......hence the title. This is a soprano tune. As heard on Jazz FM

Playground: A tune written/performed by my friend Lincoln Grounds (guitar). This features me on soprano.

Soprano solo: Recorded live at St Martin's Church, Colchester..... this is an improvised intro to a piece entitled Still Feels Like New.

Improvisation: Recorded in 1995 with my friend Mike Thompson (Piano,Tabla). Mike had been working on an idea which he asked me to play on, i had never heard it before....here is the result!

Longing For Summer: A Tenor track recorded in February 2003. Inspired by my friendship with Andy Snitzer.

Dance For Mombasa: This soprano tune (which was completely improvised) was inspired by a holiday in Mombasa, Kenya.I had also been listening/transcribing a lot of Andy Sheppard. It was recorded at Colchester Arts Centre with Sam Glazer (cello) and Mike Thompson (tabla).

Bleak Landscape: A completely improvised piece. Recorded with Mike Thompson (trumpet) and Sam Glazer (cello).